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  • Karen Newman
  • Release Date: January 3, 2015
  • Format: DPI 16 : 9 / 4 : 3
  • Camera: Canon 550 D
  • Resolution: 5200 Pixel
  • Editor: Karen Newman

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Detroit native Karen Newman has long been a well-known face in Michigan and is seen regularly as the “Voice of the Detroit Red Wings.” Born and raised in Michigan, I can truly appreciate the spirit of the great people that live here. Michiganders, even when faced with huge hills to climb, know how to work hard, stay strong, keep the faith, stick together, be proud and cheer loud! As a local celebrity, Karen Newman is known not only for her singing performances, but also her wholesome, family-oriented, made-in-Michigan persona.

Karen is best known as the Voice of the Detroit Red Wings, but has also gained considerable recognition as a back-up singer for Detroit Superstars Bob Seger and Kid Rock. Since then, Karen has released four of her own albums, including the classic-rock oriented pop album Moment in the Wind, and the holiday album What Christmas Means To Me.

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